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Bird Dog Response is a special service we offer that is housed within Black Pine, LLC. 


With over a decade of experience in counter human trafficking efforts we have learned a lot and seen a lot as it relates to crisis management and emergent situations. While we hope you have no need for assistance in any of these areas, we do understand that some of you visiting this page may find yourself in a situation that you need help navigating. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but if we can assist you with creative problem solving, consulting or even operational support and offer any assistance with your situation… we would love the opportunity to serve you.


We call this division “bird dog response” after our “bird dog”. With about 100 chickens on property, occasionally one will get out and head for the woods. The woods can be a dangerous place for a domestic bird, but a large dog chasing them down can also feel very dangerous. Our farm dog, Birdie, lives up to her name as she has, on numerous occasions, retrieved an endangered chicken and returned it to safety causing no hard to the bird. Birdie has quick reaction time, but is very gentle in her recovery and has returned many chickens to safety on our property. 


Crisis situations are similar… they can be quite dangerous and the solution may feel overwhelming. Our goal is to respond like Birdie… quick reaction with no harm, resolving the matter in a gentle and safe way. 

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